Welcome to the Lazowska/Downs Family Home Page!

   Winter 2000                   Summer 1998                  Summer 1993
There are four of us (just add "@" and "lazowska.org" to our usernames to reach us):
Ed (email:  ed)
Lyndsay (email:  lcd)
Adam (email:  adam)
Jeremy (email:  jeremy)
Ed & Lyndsay live at 3562 NW 68th Street, in a neighborhood of Seattle, Washington called Ballard.  Google map here.  Google Streetview here.
            Our house             Daytime view to the west   Evening view to the west 
Visit our Panasonic webcam overlooking Puget Sound!  (Try the presets and pan, tilt, and zoom.)  (Email us for the password!)

Adam and Jeremy each live in downtown Seattle.  Adam (who recently returned to Seattle after 6 years in Washington DC) works for Starbucks; Jeremy is a lawyer with the King County Prosecutors Office.